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Bridge that gap, beautifully.

Our high quality bridges are a natural looking, long lasting way to restore your incomplete smile. These permanent fixtures feature a false tooth that is firmly positioned between two crowns, which slot snugly over the teeth either side of a glaring gap.

As well as helping you smile again, bridges can improve eating and speaking, enhance facial contours, and stop your natural teeth moving around.

How we build bridges

  • We make room for the crowns by removing a layer of enamel from the abutment teeth (those either side of the gap).
  • We take impressions to ensure your bridge will fit perfectly and, while you wait for it to be made, we protect your teeth with a temporary restoration.
  • When ready, your unique bridge is checked and adjusted so it looks and feels great.

Bridge care

Make sure you maintain excellent oral hygiene after having a bridge fitted. It’s especially important to clean under the false gap-filling tooth, as well as brushing all your other teeth thoroughly, and flossing regularly.

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