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Inman Aligner Liverpool

Inman Aligner Liverpool

Inman Aligners

The innovative Inman Aligner is a unique removable appliance that offers a simple treatment for mild to moderate cases of crowding or front teeth that stick out a little. It has springs that encourage a pair of aligner bows to create a squeezing movement and this gradually guides your teeth to where you want them to be. It can be used on its own or as a precursor to further smile enhancing treatment, such as cosmetic bonding or veneers.

Your teeth. Sorted. Like this:

  • We take impressions of your teeth so a tailor-made aligner can be produced.
  • When ready, you come back to see us for a fitting, then it will be up to you to wear your Inman Aligner for 16-20 hours a day.
  • We keep your teeth on the right track by checking them every 2-3 weeks.

Keep them in line

Following any kind of orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to make sure your freshly straightened teeth stay put.
Interested in taming your unruly teeth? Give us a call on 0151 427 4181.

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